Toseki An Acupressure Massage and Reiki
in Bethnal Green near Hackney, East London

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Acupressure Massage and Reiki in Bethnal Green near Hackney, East London

Thank you for visiting my website - I am currently not accepting new clients at this time. Please check back for updates soon!

Welcome to my website. My name is Toseki An. I have worked as a therapist for 14 years. I am from Japan and come from a family of oriental medical practitioners.

I am specialised in Acupressure Massage and Reiki. Acupressure Massage belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki is a Japanese approach to balancing the vital energy in our mind and body.

My therapy room is based in Bethnal Green, East London. I have seen a great variety of people with different kinds of needs. Some of my clients range from athletes, chefs, artists, parents of young children to administrators.

Client's Comments:

"I’ve been seeing Toseki for many years now. I initially sought treatment for chronic pain from a long term debilitating back injury. His treatment made a huge impact and improved my situation immensely. Toseki is highly skilled and practices in a very intuitive manner. He also manages to deliver effective treatment with gentle or very little pressure."
Artist Filmmaker

"I visited Toseki to seek help with a frozen shoulder. Over two sessions, I received a brilliant treatment that alleviated the pain to help me achieve a full recovery. Toseki has a friendly, calming manner, takes time to explain his approach, and clearly has an amazing talent for therapy. I left both sessions feeling soothed and happy. Highly recommend."

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The symptoms I have frequently dealt with include:
Back Pain
Stiff Shoulders & Neck
Frozen Shoulder
Muscle Strain

My practice is based at Bodywise Natural Health Centre in Bethnal Green near Hackney, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Bow and Mile End in East London.

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Bodywise Natural Health Centre - Bethnal Green
Growing out of 30 years of dedicated practice, Bodywise is a community focused health centre committed to providing quality complementary therapies in Bethnal Green in East London. Our aim is to suport our clients overcome psychological and physical pain as well helping them to achieve an optimum state of health and well-being. Bodywise offers a wide range of mind and body oriented therapies by a team of highly experienced and qualified practitioners. The available therapies are a range of massages, reiki, osteopathy, acupuncture of Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, counseling and psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, life coaching, reflexology, metamorphic technique and more.
The centre is located in Bethnal Green at the vibrant East London. It is just one minute tube ride from Liverpool Street on the Central Line and also easily accessible from Victoria Park, London Fields in Hackney, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Bow and Mile End.

Holistic Massage, Acupressure Massage and Reiki are wonderfully relaxing! My healing approach is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Reiki and Holistic Style of Massage.

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