Toseki An Acupressure Massage and Reiki
in Bethnal Green near Hackney, East London

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Acupressure Massage
Acupressure Massage has its basis in Five Element Traditional Chinese Medicine. This healing method is for alleviating stress and tightness in the mind and in the body. The therapist gently stimulates the acupressure points using the finger tips. It improves Ki vital energy flow in the meridian channels linked to the problem areas, releasing the mental and physical tension. Certain meridians and acupressure points are chosen according to the patient’s condition. Often patients feel warm sensations rising up and down in the body during the treatment.

The Five Element Chinese Medicine originates in the ancient China. It was introduced to Japan forming the foundations in Japanese Traditional Medicine.

Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic technique for balancing body energy flow, which creates the feeling of being centred mentally and physically. The therapist lightly places the hands on the various points on the body to reconnect the Ki energetic fields inside and outside the patient's body. Ki life force energy flows into the patient's body clearing mental and physical blockages. It does not involve any physical manipulation. It can be applied on tight stressed areas as well as injured, fragile and sensitive areas.

Ki life force energy & Oriental medicine
Traditional Oriental medicine lays its foundation in the activities of vital energy called Ki. It flows inside the human body along the meridian channels. Our mental and physical activities are maintained by this energy. Imbalance in its flow leads to the weakening of the mind and body, creating various disorders. Ki energy flow can be balanced by specialized therapies and methods, like Reiki, Acupoint Therapies, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi gong. Ki is a Japanese word equivalent to Chinese Qi and Indian Prana.

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